Beginners Guide To Picking an E-CIG Device

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Here you will learn all you need to know about E-cig devices

So you’re thinking about entering the world of vaping? And you’re also wondering which vape device to buy first, right? Well here is a guide to help you find the vape device which suits you the most. We understand the massive selection of different vapes with different watts, voltages, tanks, coils and other variables can be overwhelming to a beginner so we have constructed a guide to make you more confident with your choice.

The basic structure of a vaping device

There a few basic components that all vaping devices have in common and we will go over what they are in this guide.
Vape Tanks: The vape tank houses the “coil” the “wicks” and the E-liquid.
Vape Coils: The coil is a replaceable component in the vaping device, the coil contains a section of wire which is wound up to make a “coil” shape, it is then wicked with an absorbent material, most commonly cotton, so that the E-liquid is absorbed and then ready to be heated by the wire to vapourize.


The batteries power the mod or device, not all mods and devices come with integrated batteries however when coming to buy the mod or device it will tell you which batteries to buy and if they come integrated or not.
Vape Mods: The vape mod houses the batteries and allows you to control different variables such as the Wattage or Voltages.
E-liquid: This E-liquid is heated up and vapourized so the user can inhale, the E-liquid is stored in the tank. We have a Beginners guide to “E-liquids” for more information on which E-liquids to buy.

Complete systems vs Al A Carte Systems

Some systems such as pens and Cig-a-likes come complete with disposable coils or atomisers, with these you just need to fill with your E-liquid and go, However some of the more modern devices are a bit more complex. Most newer devices you can buy as separate components, allowing users to interchange their mods to their preference with custom tanks, mods and coils. However this means that it takes much longer to buy these kinds of devices compared to how long it takes to buy a complete system. Some of the newer devices come as a “Starter kit” coming with a bundle of the mod, tank and coil (most come with the batteries). These “Starter kits” can still be personalised with different tanks, coils etc. It is recommended if you are a beginner and looking to buy a mod rather than a pen, to buy as a kit as this is much simpler.

Pen style devices

Pen style devices are larger than the Cig-a-likes and come with a clear atomizer style tank, they also offer a larger battery for longer life. These devices are quite cheap and are easy to pick up and use. Some of these pens allow you to adjust the voltages, they mostly use high resistance coils which means that they produce a lot less vapour and flavour.

VV/VW devices

Currently these devices are most popular on the market due to their effectiveness and their performance. They have more features and have a higher power output. Some of these devices provide an internal battery. Users can adjust their output power by adjusting their voltage, wattage or in some cases both.


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