E-cigarettes Actually Reduce Teenage Smoking

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E-cigarettes Are Not A Gateway To Traditional Smoking

Vaping isn’t the gateway to teenage smoking that the media is making it out to be. There is new research that proves this statement wrong.

New Studies

A brand new study will put those fears to rest, those fears being that e-cigarettes will encourage teenagers and young adults to start smoking. Professional researchers analysed data on the smoking rates over the last 17 years for 13-15 year olds.

Sure vaping has blown up in popularity for smokers that want to quit and adults, but the smoking rate has already dropped by 73% for adolescents. Cardiff University carried out the research into teenage smoking.

DR Graham Moore is a co, a reader in the school of social sciences and he said “There was a marginal slowing in the decline in regular smoking during the period following 2010, when e-cigarettes were emerging but relatively unregulated.” He further added 'However, these patterns were not unique to tobacco use and the decline in the acceptability of smoking behaviour among youth accelerated during this time. 'These analyses provide little evidence that renormalisation of youth smoking was occurring during a period of rapid growth and limited regulation of e-cigarettes from 2011-to-2015.'

Vaping has no doubt become a mainstream success since it was invented way back in the 2000’s. E-cigarettes were at the peak of their popularity in 2011 until they dropped back down in 2013. Public health experts and the such were unsure whether they were safe or not for public use.

They Are Not A Gateway

The concern for a lot of people was the worry of a child using an e-cigarette and then thinks it’s okay to move onto smoking after vaping.

'Much success in maintaining a continuous downward trajectory in youth smoking in the past 20 years has been achieved through policies that aim to reverse the normalisation of smoking'

In order to test how e-cigarettes affect teens smoking, the researchers used three national surveys that 248,000 students participated in from England, Scotland and Wales.

The participants were asked if they had ever smoked in the past and how often if they did, secretly the survey was researching the attitude towards smoking.

Survey Questions

Many of the questions on the survey asked similar questions like 'Do you think it is OK for someone your age to try a cigarette to see what it is like?'

After the survey had concluded they could then see that the amount of 13-15 year olds who had smoked in the past dropped from 60% to 19% between the years of 1998 and 2015. They also found out that normal smokers fell from 19% to a miniscule 5%.

Moore also added to his previous quote. 'What is more, positive perceptions of smoking attitudes declined at a faster rate following the proliferation of e-cigarettes, suggesting that attitudes towards smoking hardened while e-cigarettes were emerging rather than softening.'

Results also show that the number of teenagers that had tried tobacco dropped from 29% to 9% which is an incredible drop. So there you have it there is no reason to fear the use of e-cigarettes becoming a gateway to smoking after all. Let us know your thoughts down below.


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