E-cigarettes Are Winning! Ban Lifted

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UAE Will Now Allow The Sale Of Legal E-cigarettes And Vaping Devices

New regulations will finally allow e-cigarettes to be sold legally in the UAE for the first time ever. All the manufacturers’ of liquid, vape devices and other e-cigarette related products will be able to sell them in stores located in the UAE as long as they meet the new standards that have been put in place. They must also carry health warnings just like traditional cigarettes do.

Until recently it has been made completely illegal for stores to sell any kind of e-cigarette products such as pipes, shisha devices or the liquid required to vape. But now the UAE could see some new e-cigarette products in stores starting in April.

Why has the ban been lifted?

The reason for vapes being made illegal is because Abdulla, director of Esme said that he didn’t have enough evidence or research to show that e-cigarettes are actually useful to prevent smoking.  He has said many times that the lack of knowledge about e-cigarettes and what is in them, has caused many people to fear e-cigarettes and they became illegal until they had some evidence to make them legal.

They can now regulate sales of e-cigarettes in the UAE and they will be able to ensure quality control and ensure that retailers, store owners and even websites that they must put warning labels on the bottles. Failure to sell bottles of liquid without warning labels will result in legal action and prison time.

The UAE have not yet set out retail rules such as what age do people have to be to purchase e-cigarettes legally and how many bottles of liquid can one person buy.  They will no doubt have the same age control and have the same tax as traditional cigarettes do. It’s very unlikely that the minimum age will be reduced as e-cigarettes still have nicotine and you have to be 18 to purchase any product containing nicotine.

Thoughts from doctors

Doctor Fadi, a Medical Director has praised e-cigarettes for helping people quit the habit and give up smoking in a short amount of time. However that’s just it, we only have recent data and no long term research. This means that we still don’t know the effects e-cigarettes could have over the next 10-20 years from now.

However the e-cigarettes being legalised in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) shows that vaping is winning and that people are finally beginning to see the advantages to e-cigarettes. They will now be saving so many lives and cracking down on cancer for many years to come. Even if the USA is against E-cigarettes they are still being picked up by more countries and soon we will have a smoke-free world where e-cigarettes are the only replacement to traditional cigarettes.  

Many tobacco companies have urged countries to lift their bans on e-cigarettes so that these companies can start to make alternative tobacco products since the market for e-cigarettes has risen to a huge $10 billion worldwide.

Risk-free sales

One last positive regarding countries lifting the ban on e-cigarettes is the fact that people will be able to buy regulated devices, instead of risky fake mods online. Now people can feel a sense of relief that they will be buying from a safe and legitimate store selling newly regulated products.


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