E-cigarettes Continue Rising In Popularity as More People Kick The Habit!

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Vaping is Bigger Than Ever Before Despite The Controversy

Data suggests that the majority of people vaping were former smokers which show that a large chunk of the vaping market made the switch to save their lives. E-cigarettes were designed with one goal; make the process of inhaling nicotine safer, since nicotine is one of the least harmful substances you can find in a traditional cigarette today. There are supposedly thousands of chemicals in tobacco cigarettes such as tar and many other harmful substances. Instead of burning a cigarette at the end and allowing the tobacco to turn into smoke (a dangerous black cloud) e-cigarettes instead heat liquid with the nicotine and flavour inside it, turning it into vapour (a clear or white cloud) that is much safer than traditional smoking.

"It's important that all vapers stop smoking completely, as otherwise they are still exposing themselves to the serious risks of disease and disability caused by smoking," says Prof Ann McNeill, who compiled a review of e-cigarettes for Public Health England.

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The number of people vaping in UK has sky rocketed past expectations, back in 2012 we had just over 700,000 people that were using an e-cigarette and in 2019 we now have 3.6 million people kicking the smoking habit. 54% have given up smoking, 40% both smoke and vape, 6% have never smoked. This increase shows that more people are aware of the health risks associated with traditional smoking and so they have decided to make the switch to e-cigarettes. This number means that almost half of all people that have been a smoker before are now vaping, this is great news and with vaping in the spotlight the amount of people vaping will go even further.

"Vaping isn't risk free - but it's much less risky than smoking, which kills nearly 100,000 people a year in the UK." - The anti-smoking charity Action on Smoking and Health. Vaping is not 100% safe like we want it to be, but it is much safer than ever before and with new regulatory practises its 95% safer than traditional smoking.

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They are Unfortunately Banned In Some Locations 

Countries are taking exaggerated attempts at banning e-cigarettes with the fear that they could cause some health issues. India has recently put a ban that says anybody caught vaping or in possession of an e-cigarette will be sent to prison for three years which would be absolutely awful. America has banned flavoured e-liquid and due to this Walmart removed all of their stock from all of their stores. So if you were planning to travel abroad make sure you check the current state of e-cigarettes in that country so you don’t end up behind bars for bringing your vape pen into that country.

The UK still fully supports e-cigarettes and many of the highest educated universities keep providing data, videos and pictures that prove how safe these e-cigarettes are when compared to traditional cigarettes. That’s all the information we have, let us know your thoughts down below.


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