E-liquid Flavours Help You Quit!!

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Fruity/Sweet Flavours Increase The Chance Of You Quitting!

Smoking in New York City is drastically lower than it was a few years ago; however there are still 2 million adults that smoke tobacco cigarettes.  They found that people with poor mental health, LGBTQ citizens and low economic income were much more likely to smoke compared to people that weren’t in these categories.

People that were unfortunate enough to get Aids were three times more likely to smoke. They are also 13 times more likely to die from lung cancer due to smoking than an Aids related disease. 

Reducing death rates

If countries want to reduce the death rate and disease rate across the world then the government, parliament and law makers really need to reconsider e-cigarettes and remove the bans. Too many legislators are trying passing bills that make quitting for adults much harder. Banning vaping products such as tanks, liquids and so on just makes it much harder for people to quit and improve their lives.

New York University’s College of Global Public Health has estimated that a huge 6.6 million lives in America could be saved by vaping in the next 10 years if they break the habit and try e-cigarettes.  This is because e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes; this comes directly from Public Health England which is a trusted organisation.

We have new evidence that suggests banning flavours will make it so much harder to quit smoking. Seven national studies found that flavoured liquid that has fruit or sweet flavoured favouring were much more likely to make people quit smoking than people that used tobacco flavoured liquids.

Smoking cessation 

Vaping is twice as effective when it comes to smoking cessation; it beats patches, sprays and just about all other methods of quitting. Companies and countries know this but because of the limited research they are scared to legalise e-cigarettes. Look at the UK, it getting better and better when it comes to vaping. Everyone has at least tried it and most even quit the habit in favour of e-cigarettes

15% of people from the LGBT community in New York are using e-cigarettes which is a 2.5 times higher than the amount of straight people using e-cigarettes. Meaning any products that effect e-cigarettes will be impacting different communities and groups of people. We need new laws and new regulations that will allow vaping across the world. It can’t be denied that vaping saves lives, public health of England have screamed this from the roof tops along with lots of research.

Fruity flavours are a new type of craze for e-cigarettes. With so many flavours to mix and match anybody can find their perfect flavour. Not just that but it’s becoming fashionable across each country with different designs and looks of an e-cigarette.

It’s a win!

Countries like New-Zealand and even UAE have dropped the e-cigarette bans after the results from other parts of the world. They are no longer afraid of the negatives; they have the research that says e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking in black and white. Soon all bans will be lifted and vaping will become the best way to quit smoking. We just need that final long-term vaping research that will finally legalise e-cigarettes and then so many lives will be saved!



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