Studies tell you to Say No to Tobacco and live longer Smokers are always at risk of death due to the harmful chemicals they put inside their bodies and while some people never get cancer there...
The Full Vape Coil Building Guide So have you thought about rebuildable atomizers and need some advice or just need to know how about doing this. This guide will explain everything you need to...
All you need to know about CBD Vaping has saved so many Ex-smokers lives by reducing the harmful chemicals you would get with a normal cigarette, Vaping is a life saver for smokers and if...
The Guide You Need for Squonking and Staying Safe People that are experienced with vaping might know about something called squonking. Hardcore vapers will be in the know about this more...
Guide to Temperature Control Vaping Are you tired on constantly burning out the wick in your vape and having to replace it frequently, Well it's probably because you haven't set the right...
Nic Salts
What are Nicotine Salts and Why Should You Know? Like any product on the market whether is commercial or not it has very similar roots, Gone are the days of cheap and nasty cig clones and...
Air China Vaping
A Chinese airline pilot caused his aircraft to ditch 10,000ft after triggering oxygen levels in the cabin to drop – all because he was apparently vaping! The flight from Hong Kong to Dalian...
Vape Tax
Government sources claim another “sin-tax” will introduced later this year that will hit the UK’s 2.9 million vapers.  The tax, to be introduced in the Autumn budget, will produce £40million for...
Vaping cleaning
In order to get the best from your vaping gear and liquids, you need to keep on top of maintenance and give your kit some TLC every now and then.  You’ll get much more flavour and your vaping...
Vaping Study
The UK E Liquid industry could be facing new scrutiny and pressure relating to flavoured liquids following a report by experts.  The European Respiratory Journal; which is made up of doctors...
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