Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking

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Research Has A New Answer For Safe Vaping

E-cigarettes are really popular in 2019; they practically make news as more information is discovered regarding the effects and solutions to the smoking issue.

Electronic cigarettes are battery powered mods that try to mimic traditional smoking. They allow people to get the nicotine they crave but without all the other toxic chemicals inside of a traditional cigarette.  They have been available in the UK since 2007 and this year is the 12th anniversary of e-cigarettes in the UK.

Even though a huge amount of people still vape, that doesn’t mean they are completely harm free. A study in 2016 identified e-cigarettes as having harmful emissions in the vapour. Including possible carcinogens and irritants, but they are heavily reduced in e-cigarettes compared to the normal tobacco cigarettes.

It is not recommended that non-smokers start to try vaping. Public health of England has said many times though after many experiments that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

A medical director from the BHF said: “We would not advise non-smokers to take up e-cigarettes, but they can be a useful tool for harm reduction and to stop smoking.”

In recent studies we have found that half of the UK’s 2.8 million vapers are former tobacco smokers. This is clear evidence that e-cigarettes are helping people ditch the habit.

A 2014 study from the journal of medicine found that “electronic cigarettes may function as a ‘gateway drug’ that can prime the brain to be more receptive to harder drugs.”

Martin Dockrell is from the Tobacco Control Programme and he said that “We know that e-cigarettes are probably not completely safe, but that’s not the issue. The question is, are e-cigarettes safer than the alternative? And, for almost all e-cigarette users the alternative is smoking, and it's really important that they understand how much safer e-cigarettes are, compared to smoking".

Fluid situations

Experts have agreed that they need longer-term data regarding the effects of prolonged vaping. The issue is that e-cigarettes have only been here for around 12 years and this is not enough time to know the full effects of using e-cigarettes.

Linda bauld is a professor at the university of sterling and says this “We should not be forced to choose between protecting children and supporting the one in two adult smokers who will suffer and die prematurely from a smoking-related disease if they continue to smoke. The challenge in 2019 and beyond will be to ensure the right balance is struck.”

She also shed some light on another issue “At first there wasn’t a lot of marketing around e-cigarettes, then in 2014 CAP [Committee of Advertising Practice] drew up new rules on e-cigarette marketing that allowed them to be shown on TV,” she said.

 “Then, in May 2016, the European Tobacco Products Directive banned all broadcast media in the EU from advertising e-cigarettes, effective immediately.”

In wales there was a labour party vote to ban e-cigarettes in public places. This was voted down in May 2016. The government has said that they don’t want to legislate against e-cigarettes in public places. That is up to the businesses and companies whether they will allow vaping in stores and around public places.

Smoking Substitute

Each year we lose 46,000 people to cancer caused by smoking and 28,000 from respiratory diseases every year in the UK.  We also lose an estimated 20,000 people to a cardiovascular disease.

“People might be surprised at how much easier it is to quit with an electronic cigarette. Any smoker with a heart condition has almost certainly tried to quit in the past, and failed. Try again with an electronic cigarette because you might find that’s a lot easier. And further down the line, you might want to quit the e-cigarette as well.” This is a statement from Martin

He also said “For the main carcinogen in tobacco smoke, levels in e-cigarette users were close to that of non-smokers.” This supports e-cigarettes being 95% less harmful than traditional e-cigarettes

Newer studies say that most of the harmful chemicals in tobacco cigarettes are not present in e-cigarettes. Also the chemicals are not a sign for concern due to the heavily reduced amount.

A smaller study in 2016 said that using e-cigarettes for 30 minutes can make our arteries stiffen similar to tobacco cigarettes.


Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and isn’t a significant health hazard for people that don’t have heart conditions. However if you do have a heart condition then nicotine can raise your heart rate and cause even worse issues than you would already be dealing with.


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