How To Build A Vape Coil Guide

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The Full Vape Coil Building Guide

So have you thought about rebuildable atomizers and need some advice or just need to know how about doing this. This guide will explain everything you need to know to be successful.

What is needed to build the coils

1. ohms reader
2. resistance wire
3. screw driver
4. additional screws
5. scissors
6. propane torch/butane
7. small wire cutters
8. organic cotton, silica, eko-wool (wicks)
9. E-liquid

Before you start

if you dont have access to an ohms reader then dont bother start trying to build your coil yet untill you can aquire one. So if you have all the supplies we can begin, make sure to get everything on that list or this process wont be completed successfully. Now you will need to find out how many times your coil can be wrapped for you to get the resistance you are looking for.
Misthub recommended you go to and by adjusting the variables like wire size (28ga), coil type (single) target resistance (1.2 ohms), inner coil diameter (2mm) leg length (4mm) this calculator will tell you exactly how many wraps you need. For this tutorial our 1.2 ohm single coil will need 8 full wraps.

The wire needs to be Oxidized

First cut a piece of kanthal reistance wire, we recomened cutting a 4-5 inch piece of resistance wire just because beginners can have trouble with 3 inches. Hold the wire with some tweasers or pliers and then light your propane torch or butane and heat the wire at one end untill its glowing bright orange then move the torch down slowly to the end of the wire on the other side. this will oxidize your wire and make it less springy so its easier for you to use.

Wrapping your coil

you will need to get a small screwdriver and your wire for this bit. You will need your wire to be at the top of the screwdriver and hold it firmly with your thumb. You have to then wrap that wire around 8 times and do this untill both the leads at the end are facing the same direction. Count your wraps if you are unsure on how many you have made and make adjustments if needed. After that run your fingers down each lead so there isnt any slack but dont and I mean DONT remove the coil off the screwdriver.

Installing your new coil

Now we will need to take the build deck of your RDA and loosen the screws most of the way. Do not take out the screws completely as you could lose them due to them being so small. take your coil on the screw driver and place one lead inside the post hole and the other in the negative post hole. using your screwdrivers position the coil inside the centre of the RDA and once you have it in the right position tighten back up your screws but not too tight or you run the risk of cutting the wire we just made. after that just trim the leads as close to the post holes as possible and take tour time to not mess this part up.

Testing the coil

Next take your RDA and screw it on your ohm reader and turn it on to check the new coil doesnt have any shorts. It should measure close to your target resistance of 1.2 ohms but your coil might move to maybe closer to 2 ohms which is the maximum it should get too. If your device does not read 2 ohms and actually goes over or under then you need to fix this problem by just making sure the screws are tight and make sure the coil is positioned in a good spot in the RDA. If you are all good then lets move on or if not then maybe your ohms reader or RDA is broken and need replacing or simply start again to see if it works the second time around.

Testing your coil again

now your coil is installed correctly, you can put your RDA on to your mod and then you want to carefully fire your mod untill the coil begins to glow. once your coil starts to glow you need to stop firing your mod up and gently squeeze the coil together WITH TWEASERS, not your hands unless you want a nasty burn. Keep repeating this step untill your coilglows evenly from from the centre and moves towards the outer wraps.

Setting up the wick

Take a piece of the cotton or silica wool and make sure you get enough for it to fit inside the coil leaving half an inch on both sides, you can also wet and twist the end of the wick if needed. Push it in from either side of the coil to the other and if its not fitting properly then you are using too much and need to use less. Once its fit inside the coil you want to trim the material so they fit in the RDA and once thats done you can drop some eliquid on your wicks and fold them onto the RDA but make sure you dont push them under or air cant reach the whole coil. Test one last time and if everything goes well then you are all done, make sure to check your RDA screws are tight and check the resistance again if needed.

Your done!

Enjoy your new modded vape with your 1.2ohms coil and remember to replace your RDA cap. happy vaping


We here at elite liquid advise that you read many guides and learn as much information as possible before trying to make your own coil if you are new to mods. Make sure you know the limits of your equipment and treat your mod as a loaded gun meaning dont mess with it where you shouldnt. these generate heat and can cause injuries, we here at Elite liquid are not responsible for any issues that may occur when you try to build mods. always seek help and advise if you are unsure. happy vaping


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