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All you need to know about Mouth vs Direct to lung

In this guide we will be explaining the differences between MTL (Mouth to lung) and DTL (Direct to lung). We will be explaining the pros and cons and which is the recommended depending on your style of vaping.


MTL vaping is a style where you let the vape linger in your mouth a bit before inhaling. This is easy for any ex-smoker to master, since it's the most common style when smoking cigarettes.

Experience of MTL

The similarity between cigarettes and vapes means that this is the most common style for new vapers. Aside from simulating the action of smoking a cigarette, the overall sensation comes remarkably close. The burning or tingling in your throat (throat hit) is subtle, creating a smoother sensation when compared to the much harsher (and less authentic) direct-to-lung method. We recommend this style as users experience the most flavour however smaller clouds. MTL is also the best when vaping in public or any spot which you wouldn't want to annoy anyone with massive clouds.


DTL is a less common vaping style and it is all about inhaling straight to your lungs rather than leaving it to linger for a while. It is basically the same as breathing oxygen as it goes straight to lung rather than leaving it to linger. If you are trying to simulate the same sensation of smoking than MTL is the best option as it simulates smoking a cigarette more than DTL.

Experience of DTL

Differently to MTL, DTL can get rough depending on the nicotine strength of the E-liquid. A throat hit can get pretty harsh as if it is the first time smoking a normal cigarette. And just like smoking after a while you become less sensitive to it and it becomes more comfortable to vape. However don't think that the taste of DTL is muted it is just not as intense. Another thing to consider is that when vaping DTL you produce a much larger cloud so if your looking to be making huge clouds we recommend that you should DTL vape rather than MTL.


How considering how much we have gone over we will quickly summarise the differences so that you can decide which style you would prefer.

Mouth to Lung: Direct-to-Lung:

1.Preferable for new vaper                   1. Advanced technique
2.Best simulates smoking a cigarette    2.Doesn’t feel like an authentic cigarette
3.Smoother throat hit                          3.Harsher (but becomes smoother with experience)
4.Better flavor                                     4.Diminished flavor
5.Lower cloud production                     5.Massive clouds
6.Can use high nicotine                        6.Lower nicotine content suggested
7.Best with high PG liquids                   7.Works best with high VG liquids
8.Low-wattage device                          8.Used with sub-ohm setups

So have a think about which vaping style to go for when vaping as it is a personal preference and varies from person to person. We recommend you try both as use whichever style you feel is most comfortable you use.


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