New Loop Hole Allows People To Legally Purchase Banned Liquid Flavours

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Teenagers Have Found a Way to Get Around The Flavoured Liquid Ban

Recently the Trump Administration banned all of the flavoured e-liquid and many companies were affected by the new law, this was in response to the fear that flavoured liquid was causing the rise of teenage vaping. With all the crazy fruity flavours and desert tastes it’s understandable why they could appeal to any age, instead of going about it in a better and more secure way all the e-liquid that contained a fruit or cake flavour were banned.

You can still find and use a tobacco flavour or some types of menthol but that’s about in some states of America, of course though when something is taken away from you that you enjoy using, you will most likely find a way around it. That’s what the teenagers in the US have been doing and while it’s a pretty clever method, it’s also quite expensive for some teens in high school or college.

Image of some e-cigarettes

Instead of purchasing some bottles of a certain liquid and then re-filling your vape, some people discovered that disposable e-cigarettes that came with flavoured liquid were still on sale since they aren’t technically selling the re-fillable liquid. This meant that you could still get some flavours like watermelon and banana ice cream but you have to purchase a new cigarette every single time which could become quite costly, if you have a decent job though you could probably afford to buy a few of these each week.

Students and teenagers that have a job still wouldn’t be financially secure enough to go out an purchase these disposable e-cigarettes very often however which means that banning the flavours will completely cut off some students from vaping but others will go out of their way to find an alternate method.

Image of some people vaping

Juul seems to be facing litigation after they have been suspected of supporting the spike and rise of teen vaping over the years which led to them undergoing a $1 billion restructuring. A huge traditional cigarette giant Altria, which has shares in and part owns Juul announced yesterday that it took a $4.1 billion loss from their investors in the e-cigarette company. This is most likely due to the ban of all the flavoured liquid, since juul’s biggest profit came from the flavoured e-liquid. This has caused investors to become fearful that if they continue investing in Juul they will lose money as the business sees a rapid decline in sales.

That’s all the information we have on the current flavour ban and the way that some clever students have found ways around it. Let us know your thoughts down below on the issue and if you have a better solution.


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