One Cigarette Can Make You a Daily Smoker!

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Trying Just One Cigarette Can Turn You Into A Daily Smoker

A study now shows that 3 in 5 people that try a first cigarette will continue smoking until it becomes a daily habit. However people that smoke E-cigarettes are less likely to become addicted. We will be taking a look at some new found research and then some quotes from them professors that found that research.

We have evidence that points out 3 in 5 people who tried to experiment with traditional cigarettes actually found themselves with a new smoking habit. Even if this was only for a while, it can still be included in the data as they did become a daily smoker.

Queen Mary university of London has spoken about the study and said it shows “The remarkable hold that cigarettes can establish after a single experience”.

In contrast however people that decided to try an e-cigarette for the first time were less likely to develop a daily habit of vaping.

They also said that this new study has been published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, and will support the reduction of teenagers experimenting with cigarettes. This is becoming a serious issue as cigarettes are becoming worse and deadlier while vaping is becoming the healthiest way to quit the habit.

End traditional smoking

If we could get teenagers to drop all the smoking and start vaping, then all those teenagers’ lives could be saved and the world can become a healthier place. Remember that vaping has been proven to be 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

Researches have been searching high and low all over the world to find studies surrounding cigarette experimentation and the daily habit of smoking. They have searched the UK, USA, Canada and even Australia for evidence to help in the battle against tobacco cigarettes.

They found data from eight surveys with a huge 215,000 people that were included in those studies. That’s a huge amount of data but it’s still not big enough to achieve the global study answers they are looking for.  

The team eventually found that 60% of the people surveyed have admitted to trying a cigarette before and 69% of people said they had developed a smoking habit that became dangerous daily smoking. This data is extremely helpful for scientists and researchers as we finally have some real proof from real people that first time smokers can become long-time daily smokers.

Comments from the professors 

Queen Mary’s Researcher Peter said “This is the first time that the remarkable hold that cigarettes can establish after a single experience has been documented from such a large set of data.

He also went on to say the following “We’ve found that the conversion rate from ‘first-time smoker’ to ‘daily smoker’ is surprisingly high, which helps confirm the importance of preventing cigarette experimentation in the first place.

“The UK is seeing a dramatic reduction in smoking at the moment and these tallies with recent findings that only 19% of 11 to 15-year-olds have ever tried a cigarette, so the good news is that we are on the right track.”

Professor Hajek continued to say “Concerns were expressed that e-cigarettes could be as addictive as conventional cigarettes, but this has not been the case.

 “It is striking that very few non-smokers who try e-cigarettes become daily vapers, while such a large proportion of non-smokers who try conventional cigarettes become daily smokers. The presence of nicotine is clearly not the whole story.”


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