Vaping BANNED in work and transport

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Vaping banned in work stops people from switching to save their lives

E-cigarettes are not in the smoke-free legislation but it companies, businesses and transport have them banned. This causes more problems rather than less because E-cigarettes are much safer infact about 95% safer than vapes as said by Professor John “It would be tragic if thousands of smokers who could quit with the help of an e-cigarette are being put off due to false fears about safety. We need to reassure smokers that switching to an e-cigarette would be much less harmful than smoking.” 

Vaping being banned across the country means less people can see people vaping and they won’t think about quitting smoking because of this. If we had E-cigarettes allowed everywhere then we would probably be able to convert millions of smokers into vapers and that means that millions of lives would be saved. Not to mention the money that you could save from switching.

Well what’s the issue?

Unfortunately we have a response from MPs and the government saying. “Train operators, pubs and employers should rethink blanket bans on e-cigarette use which make smokers less likely to quit tobacco products and are not backed by evidence.” MPs have said. Well that doesn’t sound good as it seems they want proper evidence as to why they should allow vaping.  They did say however that possible dedicated “Vaping carriages” could be added to trains which means all the people that want to vape can go to that carriage and vape just fine as its said that second-hand vaping is nowhere near as bad as second-hand smoking.

Mr lamb, a former health minister says that vaping is going to be a nuisance issue for a lot of people around the smell and the clouds that people produce especially certain vapes that can make a whole room cloudy in seconds.

This will only make things worse

Mr lamb also states “It makes it more difficult for people to give up smoking, it’s less of an incentive and it pushes people back in to the company of smokers so it increases the risk of returning to cigarettes.” This means that the appeal is missing if vaping is too. Leading less people to make the switch to healthier smoking and lives would be at risk.

Well what can we do?

  • Make it more appealing as an aid to quit smoking by making E-cigarettes medical products instead and this will make a lot more people see the health care they will receive by vaping.
  • Make the cost of cigarettes even higher so people are going to be less likely to smoke and more likely to go for the best and cheapest alternative which would be vaping.
  • Remove the limit on nicotine strength in order to help heavier smokers get more of a hit from vaping than they would smoke. Meaning they are more likely to consider making the switch are saving their life from cancer and other diseases.


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