Standard Coils Vs Mesh Coils! Which Is Better For me?

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Mesh Coils Will Improve Your Vaping Experience, Atleast Give Them a Try

If you use a sub-ohm vape then you will find there are quite a lot of factors that will affect your vaping experience. Coils are a huge factor that should be taken seriously if you vape daily, they are responsible for the e-juice flavour and how big the produced cloud is.

The standard coils are quite easy to understand, the coil is wrapped around so it looks like a spring. They are the element that leads to the generation of heat.  These kinds of coils were cheap to make and buy so they were used by most people that owned a vape.

You do have another option though that you should give a try, you can purchase what’s known as a mesh coil. This type of coil has solved a few of the issues with the standard vape coils and has been designed to fix the pain points which were caused by regular vape coils.

Image of a mesh coil

Mesh Coils

Mesh coils are quite new to the pre-built sub-ohm vapers, but the actually technology itself is not as new as you think. It was once used as the standard wicking material in rebuild-able vapes until cotton took over and became the standard.

You can tell from the design of the coil why it is called a mesh coil. It has a spiral design with lots of hexagons through it. They replace the standard wire coils and use a metallic mesh instead which results in a lot of positive changes, though it also brings some bad ones.

Advantages of Mesh Coils

Improved flavour: If you have e-liquid that doesn’t taste so great with your current standard wire coil. Then it might taste better with a mesh coil since some e-cigarette users believe that the coil affects the flavour overall.

Consistency: A big issue that vapours have is the consistency of their hits. Sometimes you might get a really good hit with a nice flavour and a big cloud, other times you will get an odd tasting hit with a small cloud.  This issue is because the wire coil doesn’t make full contact with the cotton wick, this results in some strange flavours and cloud production. Mesh coils cover the whole of the wick so you don’t need to worry about your flavours.

Close up of the mesh coil

Powers up faster: Mesh coils will fire up much faster than standard coils which will lead to less time waiting and more time vaping.

Disadvantages of Mesh Coils

Consumes more liquid: While sub-ohm vapes are known for using a lot of e-juice to deliver great flavours and big clouds. So if you are struggling to keep purchasing e-liquid it might be better to stick with a standard coil. 

Heat difference: Due to the mesh coils you will get a smoother hit and it wont be as warm as using a standard coil. if you like strong hits that are warm then the standard coil would be better so just keep that in mind.

Let us know if you have used these coils before and how you found them down below! 


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