The Current State of E-cigarettes

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Vaping continues To Evolve Even Against Opposition 

Smokers who are wanted to quit the dirty habit are usually recommended to use Nicotine Patches by doctors and other professional people. They are also offered sprays and chewable gums too but they are just not as good when compared to e-cigarettes. Nicotine patches and gums are only 34% likely to make you quit after continuous use.

The study by University College London had a look into 20,000 smokers just to see what impact e-cigarettes had on smokers and how many people becomes smoke free from them.

Still Not Avaliable Yet

E-cigarettes are not available for prescription yet and that really hurts people that are trying to quit because doctors are not telling people to try vaping. Instead they are asked to use the same old Gums and Patches which let’s be honest, don’t work nearly as well as e-cigarettes do.

If doctors started prescribing e-cigarettes then people would have a much higher success rate after switching than they would with patches and gums. We now have a few charities calling the NHS to try and make e-cigarettes available for prescription. This will greatly help the people who need to switch and cause them to stay away from cigarettes completely.

"Stopping smoking reduces the risk of chronic diseases and increases the quality of life and life expectancy.

Dr Jackson said some interesting things regarding the current state of e-cigarettes and why they should be given positive light instead all the negativity it has received.

"It is therefore important that every quit attempt has the best possible chance of success.

"Our study adds to growing evidence that use of e-cigarettes can help smokers to quit."

She added: "It also raises concerns about the apparent lack of effectiveness of NRT bought from a shop."

The main issues we have are that we just don’t have the evidence to show how safe e-cigarettes are in the long term. That means we don’t know the effects of long term vaping, this is what holds back e-cigarettes from being put in the positive light and available for prescription.

In-fact I would not be surprised if even doctors themselves think that e-cigarettes are better and that they just can’t admit that because of the law. They would lose their jobs if they started prescribing e-cigarettes because the government doesn’t think they are safe enough yet for us to use each day. The government need to wait about another 8ish years before they can make a new judgment on how effect e-cigarettes have been since they were available.

"We haven't had e-cigarettes for long enough to know the true effects. But when we look at the evidence we do have, there are enough grounds for serious concerns.

The fact we are still debating over the use of e-cigarettes when we have so much evidence in front of us is astounding. It only continues to evolve as e-cigarettes are getting better with designs, materials, liquid flavours etc.

One day e-cigarettes might even overtake tobacco cigarettes for the top spot, cigarettes companies are already working on e-cigarette liquids and devices for when cigarettes become the main tool for nicotine.


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