The Ultimate Squonking Guide

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The Guide You Need for Squonking and Staying Safe

People that are experienced with vaping might know about something called squonking. Hardcore vapers will be in the know about this more however as it gives vaping a whole new experience for anybody.

But be warned squonking needs precision and its not easy at all to set up, if squonking is not done perfectly and is done inaccurate then you will run into problems and it can explode and cause some serious damage so just like with all our vaping guides, treat your vapes like they are a loaded gun.

what is squonking?

well in the easiest way of putting it, Squonking uses Bottom-Feeding Atomizers, it removes the need for dripping atomizers and if you are a dripper then squonking is something you will certainly benefit from.
Drippers vs Squonking

Dripping doesn't really need explaining as you probably already know or you can find another one of our guides. The cotton goes through a heating element and you can add some drops of E-liquid on the cotton until the wick is fully saturated.

While RDA is much better than your custom made coils in terms of the clouds and flavours.
If you continue to drop liquid on the cotton wick then this can get be an inconvenience and waste a lot of your time. Whereas squonking solves this problem and gives you a better vaping experience so you can't go wrong.

Squonking does use the same mechanics as traditional dripping but with a slight difference because instead of having to drip on cotton all day there is a tube that will take the liquid out of the bottle and send it to the heating element without you having to take anything apart. Saving time and allowing you to overall have a better experience.

Standard mod and RDA

The bottle will feed the liquid straight to the RDA just as usual, However squonking isn't just a bottle as it requires a whole new mod and a special RDA that has a hole for the liquid to be sent into.


While it may be similar to standard vaping, Squonking isnt automated just as much. Moving the liquid from the bottle to the RDA will need some extra help.

Different to your Sub-Ohm tank where the cotton wick takes the liquid the squonk mods work differently. You need to see how much liquid is left in the tank so a clear back that's see through is needed much can ruin the style. You need to also squeeze the container to get the juice through the tube. The liquid will feed up into the tank and you will have to wait until the cotton is soaked. If the flavour goes bad or the wick is to dry then that's when you can start to top it up again.

The only real issue with squonking is that it is very complicated to set up at least for newer vapers so if you are a newer vaper then I would avoid this for now or you can go to a local E Liquid shop and have them set it up for you.

squonking makes the RDA experience a lot better. But exercise caution when using it and don’t try it until you’re definitely ready. Be sure that you have a strong understanding of Ohm’s Law and vape safety when dealing with rebuildables.


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