The Ultimate Temperature Control Vaping Guide 

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Guide to Temperature Control Vaping

Are you tired on constantly burning out the wick in your vape and having to replace it frequently, Well it's probably because you haven't set the right temperature and this guide will help you stop burning out your vapes and save money

Temperature Control For Vaping

The control with temperature for your vape is so important as it can stop you from damaging your vapes and it allows you to set a preset celsius value and fahrenheit that your coil wont exceed. When the temperature control detects that the coil has hit the temperature limit that you set, it will cut off the power or restrict the amount of heat it is generating, Temperature control will make sure that your coil stays at a fixed rate regardless of the way that you prefer to vape. It could have little or big inhales of mouth to long or smoke ring vaping. This will put your vape in a auto pilot mode with a set temperature.

Setting the Temperature for the first time

Believe it or not setting the temperature control the first time around is easy and you can use the knowledge of your vape that you have already and apply it to the temperature control. So first off let's set the temperature of your vaporizer for the right type of coil you want to use. RBA, RTA and RDA which depends on what vaporizer you are using and it may have a single Temperature controlled vape mode that will support nickel and titanium coils or it might need to be manually set to support nickel and titanium coils.

Now you need to lock in the base resistance of the coil to room temperature and attach the tank to your vape. This will give the temperature control the information that it needs to function correctly and efficiently. This is an extremely important start so do not move on through this guide until you have set the right temperature otherwise the base resistance won't be correct and that means the temperature reading would be inaccurate. Now after this tep has been done correctly you can set the right wattage for the coil that you want to use. Once this has been completed then the last step is to select the temperature that you shouldn't let your coil exceed in fahrenheit or in celsius

Joules against Watts

New temperature control vaporizers will now have an extra setting which will let you set the watts or joules mode needed. A joule is just a measurement of energy and a joule is equal to 1 amp moving through a resistance of 1 ohm a second. 1 joule per second is equal to about 1 watt. So 50 watts for a 1 second is 50 J 50 W for 3 seconds= 150 J. Since this is a new measurement in vaping devices some mods might be different from others like IPV4 and the watts are basically equal to the setting of joules and vaping at 50 joules is the same as vapuing at 50 watts.

Safety when vaping

Titanium and nickel coils will be wrapped to lower resistances and should never ever be inside a vaporizer that doesn't feature temperature control.. Nickel and titanium coils should never ever be dry fired for a period time. Titanium and nickel coils should never be used in Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage Mode on yours or any vaporizer. Always make sure you install properly rated batteries for a vaporizer that feature the ability to have removable batteries.


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