Vaping is Allowed at This Hospital!

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Vaping is Finally Allowed in Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Smoking on hospital grounds has always been a negative issue for the public and the hospital. However due to the recent research revelations about healthy vaping, one hospital now allows e-cigarettes to be used outside and away from the entrances to the hospital.

Why have they now allowed vaping?

This was done in an effort to help some of its patients quit smoking for good, while they will have to move away from the entrances it’s still a huge positive for vaping.

Sally Chadwick is a leading nurse for policy change and she said “We’ve approached this from a smoking cessation point of view. Whilst the Trust would not encourage vaping as such, given its success in helping people to stop smoking, we are happy to allow it on site for those patients who are using vaping to help them give up cigarettes. The guidance we have had from Public Health England is that it presents a much lower health risk than smoking and is proving useful to help smokers give up cigarettes. So, as long as it is done outside and away from doors and windows, we will now permit their use on site.

“Helping people to quit smoking is a major part of the national and local health agenda and there is a portion of the recently published NHS Long Term Plan that is devoted to prevention, of which smoking cessation will play a major part. We are playing our part in following national guidelines to implement this plan as part of the collective drive towards promoting healthier lifestyle choices.”

The government has always pushed smoke-free hospitals but since vaping is picking up speed and becoming a great alternative to smoking. E-cigarettes could be publicly allowed in more public places.

What else is the Hospital doing to help people quit?

Chesterfield royal hospital has also held an informational event outside of the hospital to try and help more people quit smoking. With a lot of misinformation in the media, this gave attendees the chance to ask questions and learn more about quitting for good.

There isn’t enough businesses and establishments that allow vaping and that doesn’t help people quit in the same way chesterfield handles smoking. The important message on vaping and the benefits of using a e-cigarette, still isn’t known by a lot of people and that’s missed opportunities to save lives.

The fact that Chesterfield Royal Hospital has allowed vaping on the grounds has made a positive impact for the world of vaping. Hopefully other establishments will start to allow vaping also, we would literally be saving lives and people would start to understand the benefits of switching.


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