Vaping is Becoming More Fashionable Every Day

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New Information Suggests That Vaping Is Becoming A Fashionable Trend 

Vaping has been around for a long time and now it is being seen as “fashionable.” One in three 18-24 year olds have switched to vaping instead of smoking.

The number of millennials choosing to vape continues to increase every day. In 2016 there was only 24% of millennials vaping, now that number is 28%. At least according to a survey of over 2000 adults in the UK. Older people aged 45-54, are growing the fastest overall. They jumped from 13% to 20% in the same time that the millennials did.

Roshida Khanom is a director for beauty and personal care, she said:  "Over the last couple of years the proportion of vapers has increased with a particular rise in 45-54s, despite public concerns around vaping among young people.”

She further added, "This increase in vapers among middle-aged Brits may be reflective of them joining what they consider a fashionable trend. “Our previous research shows that 45-54s are the age group most likely to agree that vaping is fashionable."

We now know that one in five Britain’s have started vaping. This is both genders, however there is a new study suggesting that Men are twice as likely to vape over women.

In a survey conducted this year, we found that there were only 1% of people in the UK that are non-smokers choose to vape. This tells us that barely any non-smokers want to start vaping.

How profitable is the world of e-cigarettes?

The price of e-cigarettes and liquid has gotten more expensive and more available. In fact the sales alone of just e-cigarettes has now been valued at £283million, which is a 12% increase from the £252 million value of e-cigarettes in 2017.

There was more information discovered from this survey however. We now know that 62% of people in Britain want the industry to be fully regulated. Another 42% of people believe that vaping is addictive and say it is “A gateway to smoking real cigarettes”

How is it fashionable?

We all know that feeling when you grow up in school. Your friends have the new phones and you don’t have one, so you feel like an outcast and don’t belong there. 

Vaping is the same sort of thing to that, hanging around with friends that do have an e-cigarette can have the same effect as feeling like you are not part of the group. Resulting in you possibly getting an e-cigarette yourself.

It has also become part of a person’s personality, judging from the flavours they are smoking and the volume of vapour they produce. You can tell what that person is like and make a judgment of their character.

Vapes can come in so many different sizes, colours and styles. They can even complement our outfits in some cases and become a fashion accessory. Some people create their own mods that are unique to them and that becomes fashionable for them.


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