Vaping Will Save Your Life!

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Studies tell you to Say No to Tobacco and live longer

Smokers are always at risk of death due to the harmful chemicals they put inside their bodies and while some people never get cancer there is proof of others that have gotten throat cancer or lung cancer from smoking. Vaping helps to reduce the aweful chemicals in smoking that cause cancer and other life threatening diseases. Nicotine is usually the reason people smoke because that is what they crave however is nicotine that is found in cigarettes but a recent study found that people who moved to vaping from tobacco lived longer than those who did not.

So who researched into this matter?

David Levy from Georgetown, from Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center with his colleagues studied what happened to smokers who had quit tobacco for vaping over a 10 10 years. The research took a number of factors into account, in addition to the age when smokers actually took up the habit. Findings from this study went on to reveal that switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes actually increased their lifespan. David also said his findings show “a policy strategy that encourages replacing cigarette smoking with vaping to yield substantial life year gains.” So he believes if you stop smoking tobacco and move to e-cigarettes you will live longer and healthier than those who are breathing in smoke and other harmful chemicals.

Who-else can agree with David?

a professor of psychology at the KU Leuven University in Belgium – Dr. Frank Baeyens, who has conducted studies into the impact of e-cigarette use expressed to Newsweek that even though he is happy with the results of the study, that it was very much expected. Baeyens further went on to opine that numerous scientific evidence that supports the fact that e-cigarettes are a better alternative to traditional cigarette already exist. However, the real challenge will be in getting the public to make that all-important switch to e-cigarettes which is difficult as most people dont like change and thats just human nature but they will live longer and healthier if they do switch he also said “The image that electronic cigarettes have will define if this will translate to reality. Political climate and media climate are crucial to if this becomes reality or not.”

So what can we take from this?

While these are just a few people and scientists that have said this we are still heavily more for e-cigarettes and if you who is reading this blog decide to give it a try then you will live logner and healthier. Think about also telling your smoker friends too because sometimes they just need a push to get them to listen and try vaping. There are many entry vapes and it can be an affordable alternative to traditional smoking. We really need to spread the world that smoking is a hard habit people must drop because it can cause so many problems such as passive smoking and smoking while pregnant can cause many issues for a child after birth. Lets work together to save loives and say no to tobacco.


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