Washington DC Allows Flavoured Liquid But It's Hard to Obtain!

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Washington DC has Changed The Vaping Bill Again To Allow Flavoured Liquid!

Washington State recently banned all flavoured liquid sales in fears that some of the ingredients in them were causing more harm than good. However they have gone back on the change and decided to allow flavoured vaping again but only from certain places.

If you are after some tobacco or menthol flavoured liquid then you can pick them up from any convenience store in Washington but if you want flavoured liquid that’s sweet, cake or fruit flavoured then you will need to be 21 years old minimum. This new change will only allow flavoured liquid to be sold in stores that allow adults aged 21 or over only, meaning there is no way that a student or younger person could enter the store and see the flavours.

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“I also think we might well have more work to do on these flavours, but I do think this is a positive step,” Keiser said Monday. “And this bill will be going to the next step and we’ve got more work to do ahead of us.”

The bill’s new sales tax on e-cigarette products turned out to be more controversial then we thought on Monday’s hearing, much more than the bill's permitting of flavoured e-cigarettes. “I continue to be concerned that we are levelling higher and higher sales taxes, some of the most regressive taxes, on hard-working members of our community,” Sen Randall a Democrat from Bremerton said.

Vitamin E 

A second amendment from Sen. Randi Becker, a Republican from Eatonville was proposed that would destroy the new regulation in favour of only making the vitamin E acetate illegal. This chemical is believed to have been the chemical in the liquid that was causing some lung issues but it could be any chemical, we just don’t know.  Her bill was said to be narrowly blocking the cause of some lung failures.

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“For me it was looking at what is the reality, it was the vitamin E acetate that caused the lung injuries,” Becker said during Monday’s hearing.

Sen. Ann Rivers is a Republican from La Center and said she was worried that the limits on the amount of nicotine are too strict would could result in a huge black market and that people, including younger people, would find a way to get some black market vape products un-licensed and unsafe.

“Just this weekend I had the chance to visit with some high school kids from my district who informed me that they didn’t care what we did with this because they had the ability to go across the border and get whatever they want,” Rivers said.


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