Where you Can/Cant Vape This Summer

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Vaping In These Countries Can Result In Prisons Or Fines, Be Careful this Summer!

If you are flying away this summer then its important to remember that vaping is not accepted by all countries and some could land you in some trouble. But dont worry, pack your suitcases with all the suncream and clothes you need because you might have some space left over when you leave your e-cigarette behind.

We allow people to vape in the UK by law; however it’s not the same across the world just yet. Most countries are considering the legalization of e-cigarettes but if you bring a vape into the wrong country then you risk serious prison time up to 10 years.

But don’t worry as long as you follow this guide there shouldn’t be any issues. But remember if you are in doubt then the best solution is to simply not take your e-cigarette with you at all. They will be cheap enough to buy in your destination if they are legal and you didn’t bring one.

It’s also wise to remember that while we will tell you as much information as we can about each country. We recommend you call your airline or travel agent and ask them about the vaping laws in your destination. It’s better to be safe than sorry at the end of the day.

So let’s talk about where vaping is restricted, and where they are flat out banned. Remember that it’s possible that these countries have changed their laws recently and you will need to call your airline or travel agent to minimize the risk.

Where you could be looking at prison time for vaping




These countries are very strict and while you can face a fine, you could still be looking at time in prison if you risk bringing an e-cigarette into their borders, its best to avoid bringing one here and avoiding the risk.

Countries where they are completely banned








South Africa





Laws are constantly changing all the time based on new research discovered, scientific results and public opinion. Some countries will ban the sale of e-cigarettes but not the possession of one, while other stricter countries ban liquid containing nicotine.

The countries that ban the sale of e-cigarettes, possession of e-cigarettes and any products related to e-cigarettes are the strictest and you could end up in lots of trouble you bring anything even remotely related to vaping into their country.

The reasons why these e-cigarettes are banned come down to the reports and research that shows concerns with e-cigarettes. Whether you agree or disagree with e-cigarettes, there is no denying that they are safer than regular tobacco e-cigarettes.

It has been said many times that while e-cigarettes as a product is safer than traditional cigarettes, they are still a health risk and for that reason they can’t be sold or be in possession of anybody.

Countries where vaping is restricted

Most countries have banned vaping out-right until more evidence is discovered about the effects and impacts of e-cigarettes. It is a grey area for other countries as they allow certain vaping products but not others. In Australia you can own and use an e-cigarette but the nicotine in the liquid is illegal meaning if you want to vape in Australia then you will only be able to vape liquid. No nicotine can be used with e-cigarettes in Australia.

Japan also allows the same thing, if you bring an e-cigarette to Japan then its fine. If you bring liquid with nicotine inside then you are going to have it confiscated and possible face years in prison. So make sure to leave all your liquids especially nicotine liquid at home and purchase new legal liquid in Japan.

Canada has turned more towards e-cigarettes however they do have a rule about vaping. They can’t be sold to or used by anybody under 19 years of age. It is also seen as disrespectful to not ask before you vape in an establishment.

Countries where vaping is completely banned

Thailand is for sure one the absolute strictest countries; sure you plan on seeing the beautiful scenery, luscious forests and wildlife. Gorgeous beaches and some of the friendliest people that the world has to offer. But if you take an e-cigarette into this country it won’t be landscapes you will be looking at, it’s more like metal bars or a massive fine. We don’t want to sugar coat it because it’s a serious offence to the country and that goes for more of the countries listed above.

Cambodia, Lebanon, Philippines and Vietnam have also walked in the path of Thailand by completely banning any and all e-cigarette products under their laws. Failure to follow the rules and laws results in heavy prison time and some extreme fines. So just don’t take an e-cigarette into a banned country.

South America, Argentina and Venezuela have the same views as Thailand but there punishments are a not as brutal as Thailand. Either way don’t bring an e-cigarette into those countries.

Hopefully now you should understand the risks with taking an E-cigarette into a banned or restricted country, either way stay safe this summer and if you have any more doubts then be sure to speak to your travel agent or airline for the most up to date information on vaping abroad.


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