Elite Liquid Vimtoes

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A sweet and tangy e-liquid based on the popular drink that absolutely bursts with flavour!

Fruit Drink Flavoured E-Liquid

Based on the popular fruity drink - this lip smacking e-liquid bursts with all the flavours of juicy grapes, ripe blackcurrants and succulent raspberries. A sweet and delightful e-liquid thats an absolute joy to vape.

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Why Vape Elite Liquid 10ml Range?

  • All our Elite Liquid branded e-Liquids are produced in ISO Class 5 clean room.
  • Made using best ingredients possible so you get the tastiest flavours.
  • eLiquid nicotine used is natural, pure and EP/USP Graded.
  • Bottles have been designed to be child-proof and tamper evident.
  • Batches are tested on a daily basis.
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